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A Supplier of Quality Chimney Cowls

Welcome to Foxy Metal Fabrication, where you’ll find a range of standard chimney cowls, along with bolt-on products and those with in-built guards.

Affordable chimney cowls in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Chimney cowls are important for keeping out rain and draughts and stopping wildlife from nesting in your chimney.

Whatever size your flue pipe might be, we have quality chimney cowls that are easy to install, long-lasting and durable.

Our range includes cowls measuring between 3-8” with a choice of silver or matt black finishes.

Highly robust, all chimney cowls are made from galvanised steel. Our lowest priced are our standard cowls which are designed to keep the rain out of your chimney. Meanwhile, our guard cowls have spaces small enough to prevent birds from entering. Bolt-on designs are ideal if you want a cowl that’s easy to fit, with no drilling required.

If you need help choosing a chimney cowl, our friendly team are always happy to help.

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