A Huge Choice Of Chimney Cowls For Flue Pipes

Are you having issues with birds nesting in your chimney? Or problems with downdraughts which are making your home chillier than it should be?

A chimney cowl is a simple but highly effective solution for these types of problems. At Foxy Metal Fabrication we’re dedicated to providing these kinds of products, making them easy to order online on our website along with eBay and Amazon.

We are continuing to deliver our products during the Coronavirus pandemic, with our products sold to customers all over the UK. While continuing to operate during this crisis, we will take all the necessary precautions to keep you safe at all times. We can free postage on all orders, making it easier than ever to make an order online.

We have both silver and black matte chimney cowls available to order for competitive prices. Our chimney cowls are not only affordable but since they feature bolt-on designs, are easy to install.

Many of our chimney guards come with a built-in guard that offers extra protection. This is particularly useful if you’re having issues with wildlife trying to set up home on your chimney. You might find that not only birds but squirrels attempt to use this part of your home at their new residence.

Among our range is this chimney cowl manufactured in the UK to fit 3''/75mm rigid flue pipe. Manufactured in galvanised steel with a matt black finish for extra weather protection. It has a robust design with a groove swage in the base for extra strength. This product is designed to fit over the end of a 3'' rigid flue pipe and to be drilled and screwed on. Rated five-stars by previous customers, it could be the ideal solution for your chimney.

Why not browse our extensive collection of chimney cowls today?

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