Chimney Cowl For Stoves

Maintaining the flow of steam, smoke and odours from your stove will be important for the safety of your whole property. Our range of chimney cowls for stoves are perfect for a wide range of properties from homes and flats through to restaurants and pubs.

We are proud to be a leading provider of chimney cowls for stoves at Foxy Metal Fabrication which are able to keep the flow of heat and smoke running smoothly.

Why choose our chimney cowls for stoves?

Our range of cowls at Foxy Metal Fabrication are designed with durability and quality in mind. We have a collection of different sizes and types of chimney cowls which are suitable for many different settings.

The vast selection of large flue pipe cowls that we can offer at Foxy Metal Fabrication make us the ideal choice for any emergency, replacement or new chimney cowls for stoves.

Created using the highest quality materials and designed to withstand weather as well as stop birds nesting, you can put your faith in our chimney cowls for stoves.

We are proud to offer a service unparalleled for the UK. This is backed up by our free UK delivery for the mainland.

If you would like to discover more about our flue pipe cowls and which one is right for your particular setting, get in contact with us at Foxy Metal Fabrication.

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