Chimney Cowls In A Variety Of Sizes

A chimney is one of the loveliest features you can have in your home. You might have even found yourself lighting a fire in the past few days when what’s known as the ‘Ice Saints’ has brought a cold spell to Europe.

Fitting a chimney cowl to your flue pipe can prove to be essential. If a bird ends up nesting in your chimney, rain comes down your chimney, or you suffer from downdraughts, it can end up causing significant amounts of time, hassle and money.

Want to enjoy free delivery on a quality chimney cowl in the UK?

Foxy Metal Fabrication has a wide range of chimney cowls in silver and black matte, with a great choice of sizes available. Among our range is this Bolt-on Chimney Cowl in Black which can be fitted extremely quickly fast. To install it, all you need to do is fit it over the end of a 4'' rigid flue pipe and tighten the bolts.

Designed and manufactured in the UK to fit 4''/100mm rigid flue pipe, it is manufactured in galvanised steel with a matt black finish for extra weather protection. Its robust design has a groove swage in the base for extra strength.

If you’re not sure which chimney cowl you need for your flue pipe, our expert team is always happy to help. Our products are sold both on our website and on eBay and Amazon, making it easier than ever to make an order on a platform that suits you.

Located in northeast England, our chimney cowls are delivered to customers all over the UK and elsewhere in the world.

If you’re searching for chimney cowls for your flue pipe, discover more about Foxy Metal Fabrication today. Or simply get in touch with our team on 0191 3722149 or 07866108810.

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