Cover Your Chimney With Our Quality Bolt On Chimney Cowls

When it comes to protecting your chimney from wildlife and the elements, you want only the best products. What better choice to keep your chimney free of water and obstructions than with our selection of bolt on chimney cowls.

Crafted from high quality galvanised steel, our bolt on cowls are durable enough to handle various weather conditions. These cowls are designed to be quickly fitted onto your chimney, so you can protect your chimney as soon as possible.

Make your home safer for you and the wildlife that surrounds it by fitting a chimney cowl to prevent birds and squirrels from nesting in it. This can ensure your chimney stays free from blockages and you don’t have to worry about smoke backflow coming back into your home.

Why your home needs high quality chimney cowls

The difference between a low quality and a high quality chimney cowl may not be obvious, but it can make a huge difference to maintaining your chimney. With years of wind battering your chimney, you need a cowl that can stand the test of time.

Our chimney cowls are designed to handle everything from lashing rain to strong winds due to their weather resistant design and sturdy bolts to secure them. These cowls have a robust design that adds to the strength of the cowl, ensuring you won’t have to replace it.

Get quality chimney cowls to protect your chimney from Foxy Metal Fabrication.

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