Find A Quality Bird Guard Cowl Online

Small birds and their nesting habits are constantly changing across the UK as more and more habitats are damaged or removed. These small birds will often find themselves in any place they can gain shelter, and it may end up being your chimney or stove flue.

At Foxy Metal Fabrication we understand that this will be both frustrating for your family and also dangerous for the birds, but we have a long-term solution for this.

Our bird guard cowls are made from the highest quality metal and can be bolted on to your existing chimney and stove flue to provide a range of benefits, such as:

  • Stop birds nesting: The main benefit of choosing our range of bird guard cowls will be to stop any chimney and stove flue from becoming a home for birds. The bird guard cowl will help to deny them access to the flue pipe which would be fatal for them.
  • Retain air flow: Our bird guard cowls for stove flue pipes will not stop the flow of air, the mesh that is applied to these cowls will not have any negative impacts on letting the smoke and steam escape.
  • Secure long-term solution: We make sure that all the bird guard cowls are created to the highest quality with long-lasting durable materials which can be simply bolted onto your chimney or stove flue.

To find out more about our bird guard cowls, get in contact with us today.

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