Find The Right Rain Cowl For Your Property

Eliminating downdraught and stopping rain getting into your chimney or flue pipe is important for a number of reasons. We have a wide range of rain cowls at Foxy Metal Fabrication which are manufactured by our own team in the UK.

We produce rain cowls to befit the needs of homeowners and businessowners across the UK. From restaurants with multiple stoves in use at one time or homeowners with a flue pipe, our rain cowls can help to protect downdraughts and rain.

Why choose our rain cowls for your property?

Our team at Foxy Metal Fabrication can supply and deliver a rain cowl to your specific needs. We offer different sizes and styles to suit the diameter and the colour of your flue pipe.

Affordable, durable and able to protect your property from rain and downdraughts, our products are the ideal investment.

Choosing our online store at Foxy Metal Fabrication will leave you with one of the largest selections of flue pipe cowls on the market. As we manufacture each of our rain cowls ourselves from our North East premises, we can guarantee quality at every stage.

On top of this we can help you to find the right rain cowl for your requirements. All you need to do is get in contact with our professional team at Foxy Metal Fabrication.

Speak with us today.

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