High Quality, Competitively Priced Chimney Cowls

With more people at home at the moment, it’s a good time to carry out those home improvements you’ve been putting off.

If you’ve long needed to replace your chimney cowl, Foxy Metal Fabrication has an excellent selection of affordable chimney cowls in silver and matte black.

Since you can easily order these chimney cowls online, you won’t have to worry about scouring the shops for a replacement. No matter if you’ve had a new chimney installed or are looking to replace an old chimney cowl, we can easily find the right product for your requirements.

All our chimney cowls are sold for the most competitive prices and are durable, long-lasting and made from the finest quality materials.

Chimney cowls can prevent wind from blowing the smoke back down into the room below.

This is important because when there are gusty winds, the pressure may overwhelm the updraft; this pushes the airflow in reverse down your flue pipe and can lead to smoke filling the room. The heat caused by the smoke poses health and fire risks, causing discomfort while making your furnishings become dirty.

They also stop birds and other wildlife from nesting in your chimney. Chimney cowls can also act as a rain guard to keep rain from going down the chimney. They can not only be used for active flue pipes but those which aren’t currently in use.

You can either purchase our chimney cowls on our website or on eBay or Amazon.

Among our range is this cowl manufactured in galvanised steel with a matte black finish for extra weather protection. It has a robust design with a groove swage in the base for extra strength. This chimney cowl is designed to fit over the end of a 3'' rigid flue pipe and can easily be drilled and screwed on.

For more information, simply browse our collection of chimney cowls today.

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