Keep Out The Rain With Our Chimney Cowl

Don’t want rain coming down your chimney this winter?


We’re due to have heavy rain, wind and hail over the next few days, so if you need a new chimney cowl, now is a good time to order one!


Chimney cowls are not only important for keeping the wet out of your flue but for preventing squirrels and birds nesting in your chimney; they also stop downward draughts into your home. Although they’re not considered an essential accessory, chimney cowls are important in conditions and locations which need them like the UK, which has plenty of wet weather. 


On our website, you can easily find the right sized chimney cowl for your flue pipe, all of which are easy to install.


Foxy Metal Fabrication has many quality chimney cowls available to order online for the most competitive prices. Based in the north-east of England, our chimney cowls can be shipped to customers all over the UK.


Our e-commerce business is highly efficient and makes ordering a chimney cowl online quick and easy. If you need any advice on finding the right product,  our expert team are always happy to help.


For more information on any of our products, contact us today.


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