Looking For Chimney Cowls For Multi Fuel Stoves?

Similar to a wood-burning stove in design, multifuel stoves are highly versatile because they not only burn wood but also coal, wood pellets and peat.

This type of stove usually has a grate for the fire to burn on, along with a removable ash pan. If you have this type of stove and need a chimney cowl, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Foxy Metal Fabrication.

Your flue pipe is a simple, but indispensable, part of keeping your log burner efficient. This is because it provides ventilation so that harmful smoke cannot enter your home. It also prevents it from becoming easily obstructed with debris, birds and other matter from the outside which build up over time.

If birds nest in your chimney, they can cause dangerous blockages leading to the build-up of toxic gases. This includes carbon monoxide, which can make its way down your chimney. Furthermore, if the bird dies, you’ll be left with bad smells throughout your home.

Chimney cowls prevent your home from being subject to harmful smoke, along with preventing wildlife from making their home in your chimney.

Making sure you regularly have your chimney swept and make use of chimney cowls which help prevent the ingress of birds and other debris from entering your chimney in the first place.

Foxy Metal Fabrication has highly durable chimney cowls made from galvanized steel, which means they’re weatherproof and not subject to corrosion.

We make buying chimney cowls online easy and straightforward. All our chimney cowls are highly affordable and come in either silver or black matte. Most of our products are £20.00 or less so you can easily replace your chimney cowl for less.

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for anybody who’s not happy.

Why not browse our collection of chimney cowls for your stove today?

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