Looking for the Best Prices for Chimney Cowls?

Now September is here, it won’t be long before your fireplace is back in action. What’s better than spending those chilly evenings basking in front of a roaring fire? Or the redolent smell of woodsmoke wafting through the air?


Autumn is one of the wettest time in the year so if your current chimney cowl needs replacing, it’s best to order a new one now. It will also prevent any birds or squirrels from nesting in your chimney.


You can rely on us to deliver the most affordable and quality chimney cowls.


Foxy Metal Fabrication has many positive reviews for our chimney cowls on eBay and Amazon. Available in black and silver, many of them are priced less than £25.00. We also offer free deliveries and pride ourselves on the best possible customer service. 


All our chimney cowls are easily fitted to your existing chimney. Each and every single one is finished to the highest possible standards and is an excellent long-term investment for your chimney.


For more information, why not browse our collection of chimney cowls today?

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