Need a Chimney Cowl with a Guard?

Have you been told by your chimney sweep that you could benefit from fitting a chimney cowl?


Perhaps you’ve had a new fireplace installed and smoke is blowing back in the room when it’s lit a windy day, or you’ve had a bird trapped in your chimney.


Foxy Metal Fabrications is ideal for anybody looking to order an affordable chimney cowl with a guard included in the design.


The basic functions of a chimney cowl are to prevent rain from entering the chimney, stopping birds and animals entering, and prevent downdraughts which are caused by negative air pressure at the top of a chimney. Downdraughts can be caused by a number of factors, from nearby buildings to overhanging trees and strong winds.


Foxy Metal Fabrication has chimney cowls in various sizes and in both black and silver galvanized steel.


Our chimney cowls are not only affordable but they come with a free UK delivery. You can either purchase them from our website or on eBay or Amazon.


If you need a chimney cowl with a guard, why not browse our collection today?

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