Need A Cowl For A 4 Inch Flue Pipe?

Foxy Metal Fabrication has cowls for flue pipes in many different sizes ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches, with a choice of silver or black.

We have many years of experience selling cowls for flue pipes along with accessories like cowl kits and top plates for flexible flue liners.

Among our range is this 4 Inch Silver Chimney Cowl which is manufactured from galvanized steel so offers exceptional weather protection. Galvanised metal means it’s had a protective zinc coating applied to prevent premature rust and corrosion.  Since the corrosion of zinc will be very slow, it will have an extended life while it protects the base metal.

Extremely simple to install, it can easily be drilled and screwed onto your flue pipe. As with all our metal cowls, it has a robust design with a groove swage in the base for extra strength. It is designed to fit over the end of a 4''/100mm rigid flue pipe manufactured in the UK. Only £20.00, like all our products, it’s highly affordable and can easily be ordered online.

Another one of our products that fit a 4-inch flue pipe is this Black Chimney Cowl with a guard built-in. Rated five-stars by previous customers and priced only £22.00, its guard is fitted to provide protection from birds and debris falling down the flue pipe. Rated five-stars by our previous customers, this chimney cowl has a matt black finish and also offers exceptional weather protection.

Whether you need a chimney cowl for a 4-inch or 8-inch flue pipe, why not explore our collection today? Or simply get in touch with our friendly team for more information on any of our products. Our experts are always happy to help.

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