Need To Order 6 Inch Flue Pipe Cowls?

Need a new flue pipe for your chimney? Foxy Metal Fabrication have a range of flue pipes to choose from, including those measuring 6 inches. All our products can be ordered online.


There are many pleasures to having a chimney: you have a beautiful feature in your room, it’s easier to stay warm and it can provide a focal point in interior design.


However, they require a certain amount of maintenance and that includes installing accessories like flue pipe cowls to prevent rain and birds from coming down your chimney.


Find cowls to fit all types of flue pipes.


Among our range of products for 6-inch flue pipes is this chimney cowl that’s manufactured in galvanised steel with a matt black finish for weather protection. It has a robust design with a groove swage in the base for extra strength.  As with all our chimney cowls, it can easily be drilled or screwed on.


Foxy Metal Fabrication specialise in this type of product and deliver chimney cowls to customers all over the UK. All our chimney cowls are sold at competitive prices and we offer free UK deliveries. They’re also made in Britain, so you’ll be supporting UK manufacturing.


If you need to order a 6-inch flue pipe cowl, why not explore our range today.

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