Order A Chimney Cowl For Multi Fuel Stoves Online

To protect your multi fuel stove and stove flue pipe against weather, you will need to ensure your flue pipe cowl is weather resistant and made of the highest quality materials. While it may seem like a small investment for your property, it can make a huge difference.

At Foxy Metal Fabrication we have a wide collection of chimney cowls for multi fuel stoves which expel steam and smoke from the stove to the chimney cowl. The best chimney cowls for multi fuel stoves can be found on our online store, all you need to do is find the right size and style.

What types of chimney cowls are perfect for multi fuel stoves?

All our chimney and flue pipe cowls at Foxy Metal Fabrication are manufactured in the UK and come with free delivery across the UK mainland. On top of that, they are very simple to attach and can be bolted or screwed  on to achieve protection from rainwater and downdraughts while improving the way smoke and steam is extracted.

To achieve extra weather protection for chimney cowl for multi fuel stoves, all our products are made from galvanised steel which makes it a robust investment for any property.

If you would like to find out which chimney cowl is ideal for your multi fuel stove, make sure you speak with our team at Foxy Metal Fabrication

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