Order Quality Chimney Cowls At Competitive Prices

Whatever size or style of chimney cowl you’re looking for, then the chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for at Foxy Metal Fabrication.

Whatever the size of your flue pipe and regardless of if you need a guard or not, we have a huge choice of chimney cowls available to order online.

Chimney cowls are an important and easy solution for preventing rain from entering your chimney and causing internal decay of the structure.

Even if you live in a location that has little rainfall, it’s wise to minimise a flue pipe’s exposure to water. in general, the UK obviously has a high amount of rainfall, so it can be essential if you wish to prevent the need for expensive repairs.

This is because it can permeate between the masonry of your chimney, causing significant amounts of damage. When left too long exposed to water, you might find it highly costly to fix and a chimney cowl could save you significant amounts of money in the long term.

Foxy Metal Fabrication looks to be your choice for the best quality chimney rain cowls at incredibly competitive prices.

We have both silver and black chimney cowls in a range of sizes and styles, including those with guards which keep out birds and other wildlife. Long-lasting and durable, our quality chimney cowls are designed to last and include bolt-on designs which, since they’re easy to fit, have no drilling required.

Over 3,000 customers have given us positive feedback on eBay and Amazon and our friendly team is always happy to help find the right product for your property.

We offer free UK shipping on all our products and deliver all over the country.

Browse our selection of chimney cowls for more information today. Or simply get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

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