Protect Your Flue Pipe From Rain With Our Chimney Cowls

Britain is a famously wet country so if you have a chimney, you’ll need a well-fitted cowl to protect against the rain.


A chimney cowl will also ensure birds and other animals can’t nest in your flue pipe and cause all sorts of problems.


One of the reasons the UK has such a high rainfall is due to the Atlantic weather systems which usually move from west to east across the UK.


It is also due to the Gulf Stream which transports relatively warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to the British Isles. This warm water evaporates faster than cool water. Furthermore, the UK is surrounded by sea, so we are even more prone to rain.


A quality cowl will guarantee that water cannot ingress your chimney. It can also prevent downdraughts caused by negative air pressure at the top of the chimney which can cause smoke to be blown back into your room.


Our chimney cowls are rated highly by over 3,000 customers on eBay where you can purchase them for competitive prices.


You can also easily make an order on our website, with most of us cowls costing less than £25.00. We have a huge choice of matt black and silver cowls in a range of different sizes, spanning from 3-8”.


Among our range, you’ll find standard chimney cowls, along with bolt-on products and those with in-built guards. Whatever you’re looking for to protect your chimney from the elements, the chances are you’ll find the right cowl for your chimney on our website.


Our friendly team is always happy to help with any enquiries you may have.


If you need a cowl for your flue pipes, explore our selection at Foxy Metal Fabrication today.

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