Searching For Affordable Chimney Cowls With A Bird Guard?

Foxy Metal Fabrications have chimney cowls in a variety of sizes, including those which come with an in-built bird guard.

Having birds nesting in your chimney can be extremely dangerous and result in blockages, fires, infestations and damp- none of which you want at any time of year. They can also cause damp due to the amount of condensation building up. Birds can nest on even live chimneys and cause all sorts of problems.

However, nesting birds are not the only problem that can arise. If there are any birds stuck in your chimney which are not nesting, they are easiest to remove by waiting until night time and then making the room very dark before shining a very bright torch up the chimney. All in all, hassle and stress you don’t need!

A bird guard will protect your chimney flue from not only birds, but animals like squirrels, falling leaves and rain. Our chimney cowls can easily be fitted either by you, a chimney sweep or a builder.

It’s important to choose a design which is suitable for your property and chimney, so it is important to ensure that you consider the design, finish and material used. Our friendly team is always happy to help find the right design for you.

All our chimney cowls are manufactured in the finest quality galvanized steel, with robust designs and a groove swage for extra strength.

Many come with well-designed guards which are fitted to protect from birds and debris falling down the flue pipe. Like all our chimney cowls, it is extremely easy to drill and screw on.

Not only are our prices highly competitive, but we also offer free postage on all orders. We pride ourselves on providing the most excellent customer service and are always happy to answer any questions you have.

As an efficient and reliable e-commerce business, we make ordering chimney cowls online simple and stress-free.

Explore our collection of chimney cowls today.

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