Three FAQs When Buying A Rain Cowl From Our Online Store

Keeping the rain out of your property is something we take for granted on the most part, until it comes through our flue pipe. Driving rain or a deluge can begin to put rainwater down the flue pipe where it can cause a number of problems for your multi-fuel stove or oven.

At Foxy Metal Fabrication we have been helping homeowners and businesses to achieve a rainproof, long-lasting and durable rain cowls for a number of years.  

There are a number of things to consider when investing in a new rain cowl and our team at Foxy Metal Fabrication can help to iron out these issues.

Here are three FAQs that we commonly face and how our range of rain and flue pipe cowls cope with them:

1.     How long do our rain cowls last?

We make all our rain cowls ourselves. This manufacturing process is controlled by us to ensure absolute quality from start to finish. We are therefore able to create durable and hard-wearing rain cowls that can stand the test of time.

2.     How do they attach to my flue pipe?

Our manufacturing team are tasked with making it as easy as possible for individuals to attach the rain cowl to their setting. A simple bolt onto the flue pipe will provide a strong bond for the foreseeable future.

3.     What protection do they provide against rain?

By choosing Foxy Metal Fabrication for your rain cowls, you will see the difference. They are designed to keep rain out by the way they are designed. No matter the direction or severity of the rain.

Find a rain cowl to suit your flue pipe today. Get in contact for advice on which one to buy.

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