Three Reasons To Choose Us For Our Flue Pipe Cowls

To successfully remove the smoke, steam and heat from your home or restaurant kitchen, it’s important that you have a clear and properly manufactured flue pipe cowl.

At Foxy Metal Fabrication we are a leading provider of these flue pipe cowls which come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your property. The flue pipe cowls that we have online are perfect for any type of stove or kitchen and will effectively remove any steam, smoke and odour from the room.

Why choose us for our flue pipe cowls online?

1.     Manufactured by us from start to finish: To ensure that we have quality products ready to deliver across the UK, our manufacturing is done in house by our professionals. This allows us to be certain of the standard of each flue pipe cowl which is produced by us and sold online.

2.     Halt bird nesting and rain entering your property: One of the main problems with flue pipes is that they can easily become a home for pigeons and other nesting birds. In addition to this, rain can enter the pipe and lead to annoying leaks. Our flue pipe cowls are designed to stop these issues instantly.

3.     Easy to fit: We have two different types of flue pipe cowls at Foxy Metal Fabrication and both are designed to be simple to fit to your flue pipe.  

To discover more about our flue pipe cowls and the quality assurances we can provide, get in contact with us today

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