Where To Buy Cowls For Chimneys Online

Are you looking to replace your old and failing chimney cowl for your flue pipe? Do you want to change the shape or style of your current stove pipe? Is there a worry that birds and squirrels might start making a nest in your pipework? Whatever your requirements, we have all the products you need at Foxy Metal Fabrication.

We have a wide range of bolt-on cowls for chimneys that will offer you quality, durability and reliability throughout its lifespan. This collection of chimney cowls spans from simple fabricated black and silver styles through to chimney cowls which feature guards around them for extra protection.

Why invest in a chimney cowl for your home’s stove?

·       Improve airflow: The right sized chimney cowl fitted professionally will allow the smoke to rise safely and harmlessly out of your property without any problems.

·       Prevent rain from entering the chimney: Our cowls for chimneys at Foxy Metal Fabrication will help to deflect rain from your chimney to keep your home warm throughout the showers and downpours.

·       Help protect against wind: Chimneys can become cold and draughty when strong winds hit, but a chimney cowl can help to reduce the impact of wind entering your flue pipe.

If you would like to understand more about our chimney cowls and which style is perfect for your home, get in contact with us today

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